Format: 3LP Colored + CD + photo prints Limited Edition, Boxset
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3LP Colored + CD + photo prints Limited Edition, Boxset
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Label: Temporary Residence Limited



LP-A1 Coolverine
LP-A2 Party In The Dark
LP-A3 Brain Sweeties
LP-B1 Crossing The Road Material
LP-B2 aka 47
LP-B3 20 Size
LP-C1 1000 Foot Face
LP-C2 Don't Believe The Fife
LP-D1 Battered At A Scramble
LP-D2 Old Poisons
LP-D3 Every Country's Sun
12”-A1 20 Size
12”-A2 1000 Foot Face
12”-A3 Don’t Believe The Fife
12”-B1 Battered At A Scramble
12”-B2 Old Poisons
12”-B3 Every Country’s Sun
CD-1 Coolverine
CD-2 Party In The Dark
CD-3 Brain Sweeties
CD-4 Crossing The Road Material
CD-5 aka 47
CD-6 20 Size
CD-7 1000 Foot Face
CD-8 Don't Believe The Fife
CD-9 Battered At A Scramble
CD-10 Old Poisons
CD-11 Every Country's Sun 

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