Format: 2LP Limited Edition
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2LP Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Tigersushi



A1 Opening Titles
A2 Opening Scene
A3 Garden Party
A4 Joh's Office
A5 The Church
B1 Freder And Georgy
B2 In Bed
B3 Rotwang Working
B4 Lab Visit
B5 Stop The Flood
B6 Hel Transfer
B7 Father And Son
C1 The Chase
C2 The Belly Dance
C3 City Of Lights
C4 Babylon
C5 Children Are Safe
C6 Madness
C7 Georgy Dies
D1 City Collapse
D2 Flood
D3 Burn The Witch
D4 Roof Chase
D5 The End 

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