Various - For Lovers Only - Party Freaks - 45s Collection from T.K. (Compiled by 永井博 Hiroshi "Penguin Joe" Nagai) CD Edition

Genre: BOOGIE / FUNK / SOUL / R&B / DISCO ‎ 

Format: Japanese CD Edition
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Item Notes

Japanese CD Edition
Release Date:
Label: TK Records



1 New Image– For Lovers Only
2 Special Delivery– Oh Let Me Know It - Part 1
3 The Smith Brothers– Let Me Take Care Of Your Heart
4 Hokis Pokis– Nowhere
5 Jimmy Beaumont– Our Day Is Here
6 Betty Wright– Man Of Mine
7 Purple Mundi– Stop Hurting Me Baby
8 Lew Kirton– Come On With It
9 Paulette Reaves– Secret Lover
10 Charles Johnson– Good Good Lovin'
11 Latimore– Sweet Vibrations
12 Jimmy "Bo" Horne– Music To Make Love By
13 Miami– Party Freaks
14 New Image – Dance Craze
15 George McCrae– Love In Motion
16 Universal Love – Moon Ride
17 Little Beaver– Party Down - Part 1
18 Timmy Thomas– Say Love, Can You Chase Away My Blues?
19 Gwen McCrae– Damn Right It's Good
20 Clarence Reid– Funky Party
21 Betty Wright– If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me
22 J. P. Robinson– Our Day Is Here
23 Jerry Washington– Don't Waste My Time 

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