Format: 1LP "Pink" Colored Limited Edition
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1LP "Pink" Colored Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Jazz Baby



A1. Whatchu Gonna,,,? (Produced by Chun Yin Rainbow Chan)
A2. Tell Me (Produced by DJ Mitsu the Beats)
A3. Sleepwalking feat. SUMIN (Produced by SUMIN)
A4. Love is So Cruel (Produced by Arthur Moon)
A5. A Merry Feeling (Produced by Layton Wu)
A6. :-D
B1. Friend Zone feat. Oddisee (Produced by StarRo)
B2. :’-(
B3. Dark Night / Sunlight (Produced by Chia-Lun Yue)
B4. Prelude to A Star
B5. Star (Produced by Silas Short) 

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