Akira Kosemura - Love Is __ (Music From The Original TV Series)


Format: Japanese 2LP Limited Edition
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Japanese 2LP Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Schole Records



A1 Back To The 90's 1:26
A2 Presage 0:18
A3 Distance 3:11
A4 it's Over 3:25
A5 Bathroom Talk 1:01
A6 Love Is About Daily Leaps 4:00
A7 Prayer 1:19
A8 Remind 1:59
B1 Each Other 1:27
B2 About Nuri 2:59
B3 Knew Who I Was Going To Hurt 4:04
B4 You're My Man 2:35
B5 Opened My Eyes To So Much More 0:54
B6 Meet All Of Me 1:41
B7 Refrain 1:19
B8 Lying On The Floor 1:16
B9 Waiting 1:24
C1 Depends On You 1:12
C2 When You're Broke 1:10
C3 Like You're Trying To Win Something 0:49
C4 Where's The Story 0:45
C5 You're My Fresh Start 1:39
C6 Check The Message 0:33
C7 Nuri & Angela Theme 2:22
C8 Friendship 2:10
C9 Storm Out 2:34
C10 Discord 2:18
C11 Confusion 0:35
C12 Thanks For Everything 1:35
C13 Unecpected Event 1:03
D1 Fight 2:13
D2 After Dark 1:00
D3 Love Is Hard 2:22
D4 I Just Want To Be With Here 3:13
D5 Happiness 1:07
D6 Talk To Me 2:15
D7 Farewell Kiss 2:19
D8 I Love You 3:36
D9 End Credits 0:27 

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