Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: OBE



A1 The Bird 3:38
A2 Heart Don't Stand A Chance 5:12
A3 The Waters 2:54
A4 The Season / Carry Me 5:28
B1 Put Me Thru 2:40
B2 Am I Wrong 4:13
B3 Without You 3:19
B4 Parking Lot 3:54
C1 Lite Weight 3:26
C2 Room In Here 3:59
C3 Water Fall (Interlude) 1:58
C4 Your Prime 3:57
D1 Come Down 2:56
D2 Silicon Valley 4:04
D3 Celebrate 3:46
D4 The Dreamer 5:40 

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