Format: Japanese CD Edition
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Japanese 1LP Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: P-Vine Records

Japanese CD Edition
Release Date:
Label: P-Vine Records



A1.Charmaine Feat. Zach Said
A2.Symmetry Feat. Tilly Valentine
A3.Hard To Tell Feat. Carrie Baxter)
A4.Nostalgiab Feat.Taura Lamb
A5.Less Talkin’ Feat. JAE
B1.Cigars Feat. Alfie Neale &Jarki Monno
B2.(Baby Can We) Lift This Up?Feat.Hemi Moore
B3.Table For Two Feat.Tilly Valentine & Bran Mazz
B4.The Way Things Were Feat.Isaac Waddington
B5.Breakfast In Bed Feat. Joe Bae 

1. I'll Wait Feat.Kofi Stone
2. Charmaine Feat.Zach Said
3. Symmetry Feat.Tilly Valentine
4. Hard To Tell Feat.Carrie Baxter
5. Nostalgia Feat.Taura Lamb
6. What Next?
7. Less Talkin' Feat.JAE
8. Cigars Feat.Alfie Neale & Jarki Monno
9. (Baby Can We) Lift This Up? Feat.Hemi Moore
10. Table For Two Feat.Tilly Valentine & Bran Mazz
11. The Way Things Were Feat.Isaac Waddington
12. Be Who You Are Feat.Jay Alexzander
13. Magpies
14. edbl Guitar
15. Breakfast In Bed Feat.Joe Bae 

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