Format: 1LP Limited Edition
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1LP Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Miasmah



A01 Slaughter
A02 Dusk
A03 Winter Clouds
A04 Hollow Tree
A05 Still Alive
A06 The Cave
A07 In Court
A08 Hope Through Confusion
A09 Not Quilty
A10 Village Ceremony
A11 Road Tension
B01 Kneipe
B02 Hunt Introduction
B03 Rifle, Second Attempt
B04 Hunt Epilogue
B05 Confrontation
B06 Judenfreund
B07 Flashback, Victor
B08 A True Friend
B09 False Promises
B10 How Do You Suffocate Weeds
B11 Under The Mask We All Look The Same
B12 Dream
B13 Freedom 

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