Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Warp Records



A1 Clock Catcher 1:12
A2 Pickled! 2:14
A3 Nose Art 1:57
A4 Intro//A Cosmic Drama 1:16
A5 Zodiac Shit 2:43
A6 Computer Face//Pure Being 2:33
B1 ...And The World Laughs With You 2:56
B2 Arkestry 2:50
B3 MmmHmm 3:53
C1 Do The Astral Plane 4:22
C2 Satelllliiiiiiiteee 3:49
C3 German Haircut 1:56
C4 Recoiled 3:37
D1 Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph 2:47
D2 Drips//Auntie's Harp 2:09
D3 Table Tennis 3:01
D4 Galaxy In Janaki 2:17 

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