Garoad - VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection


Format: 5LP "Clear W/ Blue & Pink Splatter" Colored Limited Edition
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5LP "Clear W/ Blue & Pink Splatter" Colored Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Black Screen Records



A1 Hopes And Dreams 0:47
A2 A Neon Glow Lights The Way 2:32
A3 Welcome To VA-11 HALL-A 3:08
A4 Every Day Is Night 3:40
A5 Neon District 4:09
A6 Dusk 3:18
A7 Strictly Business 2:31
B1 Drive Me Wild 3:48
B2 Commencing Simulation 1:51
B3 Good For Health, Bad For Education 3:14
B4 Who Was I? 1:20
B5 Troubling News 1:16
B6 Heart Of The City 2:31
B7 A New Frontier 4:12
B8 A Gaze That Invited Disaster 3:43
C1 A. Rene 3:24
C2 Skyline 3:12
C3 Better Luck Next Time 0:19
C4 JC Elton's 1:45
C5 A City That Never Sleeps 1:45
C6 Friendly Conversation 2:15
C7 Follow The Trail 2:50
C8 Snowfall 2:27
D1 Digital Drive 1:33
D2 A Star Pierces The Darkness 2:21
D3 Glitch City 2:26
D4 Safe Haven 2:39
D5 Shine Spark 5:01
D6 Shine Spark (Instrumental Version) 5:01
D7 Every Day Is Night 3:47
E1 Synthestitch 4:42
E2 All Systems, Go! 3:41
E3 Umemoto 3:37
E4 Meet The Staff 3:37
E5 Neo Avatar 3:42
E6 Tense 1:48
F1 Base Of The Titans 2:34
F2 Dawn Approaches 4:10
F3 Calicomp 1.1 Startup 0:19
F4 Calicomp 1.1 Shutdown 0:19
F5 Spirit Potion 3:24
F6 March Of The White Knights 1:54
F7 Out Of Orbit 3:16
F8 Transition I 0:37
F9 Transition II 1:09
G1 Through The Storm, We Will Find A Way 3:28
G2 An Alternate Reality 3:29
G3 Showtime! 3:19
G4 Another Satisfied Customer 0:43
G5 Where Do I Go From Here? 1:59
G6 Will You Remember Me? 1:47
G7 Everything Will Be Okay 2:23
G8 Your Love Is A Drug 4:51
H1 Metropolis 1:07
H2 Karmotrine Dream 2:25
H3 Your Love Is A Drug 3:00
H4 Underground Club 2:11
H5 Go! Go! Streaming-Chan! 1:33
H6 Base Of The Titans 1:37
H7 Lifebeat Of Lilim 3:18
H8 Lifebeat Of Lilim (Instrumental Version) 3:18
H9 Truth 2:18
I1 Nighttime Maneuvers 4:07
I2 Those Who Dwell In Shadows 3:15
I3 The Girl With The Iron Heart 4:00
I4 With Renewed Hope, We Continue Forward 2:59
I5 The Answer Lies Within 2:42
I6 Last Call 2:13
I7 Final Result 1:10
J1 You've Got Me 3:29
J2 Snowfall 2:50
J3 Reminiscence 2:36
J4 Believe In Me Who Believes In You 4:40
J5 Until We Meet Again 0:52
J6 Every Day Is Night (Live Arrange) 4:36 

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