Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
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Label: Parlophone Records Ltd.



A1 Intro: I Switched My Robot Off 0:23
A2 Ascension 2:36
A3 Strobelite 4:33
A4 Saturnz Barz 3:02
A5 Momentz 3:17
B6 Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath 0:22
B7 Submission 3:22
B8 Charger 3:35
B9 Interlude: Elevator Going Up 0:02
B10 Andromeda 3:18
B11 Busted And Blue 4:37
C12 Interlude: Talk Radio 0:20
C13 Carnival 2:15
C14 Let Me Out 3:13
C15 Interlude: Penthouse 0:12
C16 Sex Murder Party 4:19
D17 She's My Collar 3:30
D18 Interlude: The Elephant 0:08
D19 Hallelujah Money 4:26
D20 We Got The Power (Version 2:18:482) 2:18 

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