Half Japanese - Volume One: 1981 - 1985


Format: 3LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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3LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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Label: Fire Records



Loud (1981)
A1 My Concentration, Oh No
A2 2 Hearts = 1
A3 If My Father Answers, Don't Say Nothing
A4 Scientific Devices
A5 Gift
A6 Dumb Animals
A7 Popular
A8 I Know How It Feels. Bad
A9 Perfume
A10 New Brides Of Frankenstein
A11 Forget You
A12 Loud/Louder/Loudest
B1 Spy
B2 No Danger
B3 Love Lasts Forever (Sometimes)
B4 Nurse
B5 Only Dancing
B6 Bad To Your Best Friend
B7 Baby Wants Music
B8 High School Tonight
Our Solar System (1984)
C1 Dance When I Say Dance
C2 Girl Athletes
C3 Because I Love You
C4 Danger Danger Rachel Lang
C5 E.S.P.
C6 Classical Music
C7 You're Gonna Miss Me
C8 Little Girls Have To Be Home Early
C9 Too Much Adrenalin
D1 Fire To Burn
D2 Rhonda
D3 Electricity Respect
D4 Knocked Down On The Dancefloor
D5 European Son
D6 There's A Girl
D7 Hall Of The Mountain King/Louie Louie
D8 Young Hearts Break
D9 Did You Miss Me
D10 Thing With A Hook
Sing No Evil (1985)
E1 Firecracker Firecracker
E2 On The One Hand
E3 Too Bad About Elizabeth
E4 Dearest Darling
E5 Sing No Evil
E6 Double Trouble
E7 Rub Every Muscle
F1 Nicole Told Me
F2 Tell Me I'm Wrong
F3 Acupuncture
F4 I Have A Secret
F5 House Of Voodoo
F6 Ball And Chain 

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