Jalen Ngonda - Come Around And Love Me

Genre: BOOGIE / FUNK / SOUL / R&B / DISCO ‎ 

Format: 1LP Edition
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Item Notes

1LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Daptone Records



A1 Come Around And Love Me 3:04
A2 If You Don't Want My Love 2:26
A3 Lost 3:29
A4 That's All I Wanted From You 2:36
A5 Please Show Me 3:02
B1 Just Like You Used To 3:09
B2 What A Difference She Made 2:55
B3 Give Me Another Day 3:24
B4 So Glad I Found You 3:17
B5 It Takes A Fool 3:06
B6 Rapture 2:29 

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