Format: 1LP "Deep-Red" Colored Limited Edition
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1LP "Deep-Red" Colored Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Rhino Records



A1 Kimberley Trumpet 2:41
A2 The Arrival 2:07
A3 Concert On The Runway 4:14
A4 The Departure 1:59
A5 Dingo Howl 0:44
A6 Letter As Hero 1:23
A7 Trumpet Cleaning 3:58
A8 The Dream 3:51
A9 Paris Walking II 3:17
B1 Paris Walking I 2:05
B2 Kimberley Trumpet In Paris 2:15
B3 The Music Room 2:42
B4 Club Entrance 4:16
B5 The Jam Session 6:29
B6 Going Home 2:11
B7 Surprise! 5:17 

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