Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Columbia



A1 Pray For Me 3:22
A2 Get Away 3:40
A3 Bounce 4:13
A4 Clap 4:53
B1 Kill That Nigga 3:47
B2 My Gats Spitting 4:34
B3 Handcuffs 3:33
B4 Hey Luv (Anything) 4:04
C1 The Learning (Burn) 4:17
C2 Live Foul 4:24
C3 Hurt Niggas 3:29
C4 Get At Me 3:33
D1 I Won't Fall 4:20
D2 Crawlin' 4:07
D3 Nothing Like Home 4:27
D4 There I Go Again 6:48 

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