Oasis - Knebworth 1996

Genre: ROCK 

Format: 2CD+DVD+ Book Edition
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180g 3LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Big Brother

2CD Edition
Release Date:
Label: Big Brother

2CD+DVD+ Book Edition
Release Date:
Label: Big Brother



A1 Columbia
A2 Acquiesce
A3 Supersonic
B1 Hello
B2 Some Might Say
B3 Roll With It
B4 Slide Away
C1 Morning Glory
C2 Round Are Way
C3 Cigarettes & Alcohol
C4 Whatever
D1 Cast No Shadow
D2 Wonderwall
D3 The Masterplan
E1 Don’t Look Back In Anger
E2 My Big Mouth
E3 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
F1 Live Forever
F2 Champagne Supernova
F3 I Am The Walrus 

1-1 Columbia
1-2 Acquiesce
1-3 Supersonic
1-4 Hello
1-5 Some Might Say
1-6 Roll With It
1-7 Slide Away
1-8 Morning Glory
1-9 Round Are Way
1-10 Cigarettes & Alcohol
2-1 Whatever
2-2 Cast No Shadow
2-3 Wonderwall
2-4 The Masterplan
2-5 Don't Look Back In Anger
2-6 My Big Mouth
2-7 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
2-8 Live Forever
2-9 Champagne Supernova
2-10 I Am The Walrus 

CD1-1 Columbia 4:47
CD1-2 Acquiesce 3:56
CD1-3 Supersonic 5:09
CD1-4 Hello 2:55
CD1-5 Some Might Say 5:04
CD1-6 Roll With It 4:05
CD1-7 Slide Away 5:47
CD1-8 Morning Glory 4:12
CD1-9 Round Are Way 4:47
CD1-10 Cigarettes & Alcohol 4:42
CD2-1 Whatever 5:59
CD2-2 Cast No Shadow 4:46
CD2-3 Wonderwall 4:04
CD2-4 The Masterplan 4:40
CD2-5 Don't Look Back In Anger 4:54
CD2-6 My Big Mouth 5:10
CD2-7 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) 5:56
CD2-8 Live Forever 4:56
CD2-9 Champagne Supernova 7:26
CD2-10 I Am The Walrus 6:40

Oasis Knebworth 1996 - The Film (1:50:14)
DVD-1.1 Opening Credits
DVD-1.2 Cool Britannia
DVD-1.3 Tickets
DVD-1.4 Leading Up To Knebworth
DVD-1.5 Friday 9th August 1996
DVD-1.6 Going To Knebworth
DVD-1.7 Saturday 10th August 1996 / Supersonic
DVD-1.8 Whatever
DVD-1.9 My Big Mouth
DVD-1.10 Round Are Way
DVD-1.11 Up In The Sky
DVD-1.12 Support Bands
DVD-1.13 Build Up
DVD-1.14 Columbia
DVD-1.15 Acquiesce
DVD-1.16 Supersonic
DVD-1.17 Cigarettes & Alcohol
DVD-1.18 Enjoying The Show
DVD-1.19 Cast No Shadow
DVD-1.20 Fans Singing
DVD-1.21 The Masterplan
DVD-1.22 What Would You Give The Band?
DVD-1.23 Live Forever

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