Philip Glass - The Essential


Format: 180g 4LP "Clear" Colored Limited Edition
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180g 4LP "Clear" Colored Limited Edition
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Label: Music On Vinyl



A1 Lightning (From Songs From Liquid Days) 6:43
A2 Facades (From Glassworks) 7:19
A3 A Gentleman's Honor (From The Photographer) 3:17
A4 Primacy Of Number (From Naqoyqatsi) 6:52
B1 Metamorphosis IV 7:00
B2 Open The Kingdom - Liquid Days, Part II 7:00
B3 Dance II (From In The Upper Room) 5:42
B4 Dance VIII (From In The Upper Room) 4:48
C1 Glasspiece #1 - Rubric (From Glassworks) 6:03
C2 Changing Opinion (From Songs From Liquid Days) 9:56
C3 Opening (From Glassworks) 6:18
D1 Floe (From Glassworks) 5:59
D2 Funeral Of Amenhotep III - Scene 1 (From Akhnaten) 8:59
D3 Point Blank (From Naqoyqatsi) 11:17
E1 Wichita Vortex Sutra 6:50
E2 Forgetting (From Songs From Liquid Days) 8:05
E3 Dance IX (From In The Upper Room) 8:08
F1 The Dam (From Itaipu) 11:47
F2 Definition (From Naqoyqatsi) 2:50
F3 Protest (From Satyagraha) 4:19
F4 Evening Song (From Satyagraha) 4:07
G1 Hymn To The Sun (From Akhnaten) 6:16
G2 Trial - Prison (From Einstein On The Beach) 2:47
G3 Akhnaten And Nefertiti (From Akhnaten) 4:15
G4 Kuru Field Of Justice (From Satyagraha) 6:04
G5 Knee Play 1 (From Einstein On The Beach) 3:32
H1 Tolstoy Farm (From Satyagraha) 4:54
H2 Window Of Appearances (From Akhnaten) 4:22
H3 Bed (From Einstein On The Beach) 3:40
H4 Epilogue (From Akhnaten) 4:18
H5 Knee Play 5 (From Einstein On The Beach) 5:10 

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