Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Glossy Mistakes



A1 There Is No Motorways In Space
A2 Rocknroll Baby
A3 Last Sunset Ever
A4 Nighthunter
A5 Post Nine Days
A6 Cyclop Ohne Puppe
B1 The Dices
B2 What's A DJ Anyways
B3 Post Trauma
B4 When Covid Gave Me Time
B5 One Finger Solo (One Shot)
B6 Earthpeople
B7 The Blue Hole In The Sky
B8 The Garden Of Uglyness
B9 Unfollow Me Prayer
B10 Calmin' More
C1 The Cute Woman You Don't Want Reggae
C2 Super Rainy Morning
C3 Lost Love
C4 Smoky Disco Test
C5 Ambient Wet End
C6 Funkypunk
C7 Strawberries & Cheese
C8 Lil Boi
C9 Djing Killed Itself
D1 The Urge To No
D2 Magic from the Cabin
D3 Glitter Morning
D4 Why So Serious
D5 Cosmic Egg
D6 Morning Moodytation 

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