Format: 1LP Edition
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1LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Soul Supreme Records



A1 Pulling Back the Curtain (intro) 0:34
A2 Dues and Don'ts 4:16
A3 The Wait 0:52
A4 Fraud Fades 4:51
A5 Suit Up 0:43
A6 Mood Swings 2:20
A7 Mono Pro Bono 1:20
A8 The Oath 0:40
A9 Taking the Stand 4:13
B1 All Rise 1:07
B2 Sinkhole 0:34
B3 The Appeal 2:21
B4 Loyalty Over Royalty 1:32
B5 The Wait pt 2 1:48
B6 No Clouds on a Sunny Day 2:06
B7 The Wait pt 3 0:45
B8 I Rest My Case 4:28 

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