Suede - Sci-Fi Lullabies

Genre: ROCK RSD 

Format: 180g 3LP "Clear" Colored Limited Edition ,RSD
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180g 3LP "Clear" Colored Limited Edition ,RSD
Release Date:
Label: Demon Records



A1 My Insatiable One 2:57
A2 To The Birds 5:23
A3 Where The Pigs Don't Fly 5:33
A4 He's Dead 5:13
B1 The Big Time 4:28
B2 High Rising 5:49
B3 The Living Dead 2:48
B4 My Dark Star 4:26
B5 Killing Of A Flash Boy 4:07
C1 Whipsnade 4:22
C2 Modern Boys 4:08
C3 Together 4:29
C4 Bentswood Boys 3:15
C5 Europe Is Our Playground 5:36
D1 Every Monday Morning Comes 4:28
D2 Have You Ever Been This Low? 3:52
D3 Another No One 3:56
D4 Young Men 4:35
D5 The Sound Of The Streets 4:59
E1 Money 4:04
E2 W.S.D. 5:46
E3 This Time 5:46
E4 Jumble Sale Mums 4:15
F1 These Are The Sad Songs 6:20
F2 Sadie 5:24
F3 Graffiti Women 4:51
F4 Duchess 3:55 

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