Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Mute



A1 In 2:22
A2 I Am The Sun 3:21
A3 She Lives 6:59
A4 Celebrity Lifestyle 4:07
B1 Mother/Father 4:04
B2 Blood Promise 4:15
B3 Mind/Body/Light/Sound 4:50
B4 My Buried Child 2:56
C1 Warm 4:52
C2 Alcohol The Seed 3:27
C3 Killing For Company 6:51
C4 Mother's Milk 2:25
D1 Where Does A Body End? 3:36
D2 Telepathy 6:05
D3 The Great Annihilator 4:54
D4 Out 2:15 

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