The Corner Gang - Stone Out Of Your Mind

Genre: BOOGIE / FUNK / SOUL / R&B / DISCO ‎ 

Format: Japanese 1LP Limited Edition
Sale priceHK$340.00

Item Notes

Japanese 1LP Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: P-Vine Records



A1 Stone Out Of Your Mind 2:40
A2 Patience 2:36
A3 When I Met You At The Circus 2:55
A4 The Out Sider 2:52
A5 The Music Of Your Mind 2:23
B1 There's More Out There (Than What You're Lookin For) 2:41
B2 Like I Do 3:11
B3 Rich Man Alone 2:33
B4 I'm Gonna Be A Star 2:43 

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