Format: 1LP Colored Limited Edition
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1LP Colored Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Parigo Music



A1 Videoclub Opening Theme (Videoclub)
A2 The Curse Of The Golden Vhs
A3 Monte Carlo Drive (The Man From Monte Carlo)
A4 Salomon Ski Chase (Secret Agent Ski Chase)
A5 Ursulla Undressed
A6 See You Soon (See You Soon Ursulla)
A7 The Snitch (Johnny The Snitch)
A8 Hellevator (Smoky Elevator)
A9 First Door (Behind The First Door)
B1 Second Door (Behind The Second Door)
B2 Back In Town
B3 Psylocibe Atlantis (Psychedelic Haze)
B4 The Sign Of The Ancients
B5 Car Chase In Montmartre (Seventies Car Chase)
B6 The Golden Vhs
B7 Conclusion (Showdown At High Noon)
B8 End Credits (Closing Credits) 

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