Yuki Hayashi - My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising Original Soundtrack


Format: 2LP "Translucent Clear with Rainbow Splatter" Colored Limited Edition
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2LP "Translucent Clear with Rainbow Splatter" Colored Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Milan



A1 Heroes vs. Villains 2:31
A2 Nine 0:52
A3 A Hero Is... 0:55
A4 The Hero Work Recommendation Project 3:15
A5 That's Super Hero-Like!! 1:50
A6 Nabu Island 1:25
A7 Inherited Power 2:11
A8 Nine's Quirk 1:20
A9 Nine's Blunder 0:15
A10 The Villain Appears 1:00
A11 You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt! 0:48
A12 Deku and Katsuma 2:11
B1 Nine's Action 1:30
B2 Surprise Attack of the Villain 1:48
B3 Class 1-A, Heading Out! 2:04
B4 Nine and His Team's Resistance 2:21
B5 Numerical Inferiority 3:00
B6 Nine's Tenacity of Purpose 1:37
B7 The Strength of the Man Who'll Become the Number One Hero 2:26
B8 Islanders' Anxiety 1:45
B9 Past with Nine 2:11
C1 Together as One 2:24
C2 Strategy Meeting 1:13
C3 Let's Start the Operation! 2:25
C4 We'll Go All-Out to Stop You! 1:55
C5 Joint Struggle 4:12
C6 Chimera 2:05
C7 To the Limit 2:06
C8 Nine's Craving 3:10
D1 Be Number One -Bakugo's Belief- 1:20
D2 Nine's Power 3:45
D3 Might*U 6:29
D4 A Heart That Is Inherited 2:36
D5 There Is a Hero There 2:05 

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