Blancmange - The Blanc Tapes


Format: 6LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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6LP Limited Edition, Boxset
Release Date:
Label: London Records



Happy Families (Original Album Remaster)
A1 I Can't Explain 4:00
A2 Feel Me 5:05
A3 I've Seen The Word 3:00
A4 Wasted 4:17
A5 Living On The Ceiling 4:10
B1 Waves 4:06
B2 Kind 3:55
B3 Sad Day 4:04
B4 Cruel 4:52
B5 God's Kitchen 2:54

Happy Families (Bonus)
C1 Sad Day (Original Version) 3:10
C2 Holland (Demo) 2:47
C3 Melodic Piece (Demo) 2:31
C4 I Can't Explain (Demo) 3:20
C5 I've Seen The Word (Demo) 2:25
C6 Black Bell (Demo) 4:22
C7 Business Steps 4:28
D1 Waves (Original Version - No Strings) 4:22
D2 Living On The Ceiling (Extended) 5:39
D3 God's Kitchen (12" Mix) 4:28
D4 Feel Me (Extended 12" Version) 6:59

Mange Tout (Original Album Remaster)
E1 Don't Tell Me 3:30
E2 Game Above My Head 3:57
E3 Blind Vision 3:54
E4 Time Became The Tide 4:49
E5 That's Love, That It Is 4:22
F1 Murder 5:57
F2 See The Train 2:04
F3 All Things Are Nice 5:00
F4 My Baby 3:58
F5 The Day Before You Came 5:49

Mange Tout (Bonus)
G1 Vishnu (Short Version) 4:46
G2 Game Above My Head (Extended) 7:14
G3 On Our Way To 5:38
G4 Don't Tell Me (Extended) 6:23
H1 The Day Before You Came (Extended) 7:59
H2 That's Love, That It Is (Extended) 6:35
H3 Blind Vision (Long Version) 9:40

Believe You Me (Original Album Remaster)
I1 Lose Your Love 4:06
I2 What's Your Problem? 4:09
I3 Paradise Is 3:48
I4 Why Don't They Leave Things Alone? 4:34
I5 22339 5:18
J1 Don't You Love It All 4:34
J2 Believe 3:47
J3 Lorraine's My Nurse 2:31
J4 Other Animals 4:32
J5 No Wonder They Never Made It Back! 4:34
J6 John 4:24

Believe You Me (Bonus)
K1 Lose Your Love (Extended) 10:21
K2 M Diver (Alternate Dream) (Demo) 4:09
K3 River Of Life (Demo) 3:15
K4 Scream Down The House 4:10
L1 Side Two 7:34
L2 What's Your Problem? (Extended) 7:01
L3 I Can See It (Extended) 7:57 

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