Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Complete Oblivion


Format: 6LP Boxset Limited Edition
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6LP Boxset Limited Edition
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Label: Soul Bank Music



Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
A1 Dragon Song
A2 Total Eclipse
A3 The Light
B1 On The Road
B2 The Sword
B3 Oblivion Express
A Better Land
C1 Dawn Of Another Day
C2 Marai's Wedding
C3 Trouble
C4 Woman Of The Seasons
D1 Fill Your Head With Laughter
D2 On Thinking It Over
D3 Tomorrow City
D4 All The Time There Is
D5 A Better Land
Second Wind
E1 Truth
E2 Don't Look Away
E3 Somebody Help Us
F1 Freedom Jazz Dance
F2 Just You Just Me
F3 Second Wind
Closer To It
G1 Whenever You're Ready
G2 Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
G3 Light On The Path
H1 Compared To What
H2 Inner City Blues
H3 Voices Of Other Times
Straight Ahead
I1 Beginning Again
I2 Bumpin' On Sunset
J1 Straight Ahead
J2 Change
J3 You'll Stay In My Heart
K1 Brain Damage
K2 Thoughts From Afar
K3 Foolish Girl
L1 The Big Yin
L2 Plum
L3 Something Out Of Nothing
L4 Future Pilot 

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