Format: 2LP Colored 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
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2LP Colored 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
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Label: Matador



Act One: Love, Then Tragedy Strikes The Town
A1 Let Her Rest 3:19
A2 Queen Of Hearts: David And Veronica Meet 4:36
A3 Under My Nose: Their Love Mimics The Symmetry Of The Natural World 3:29
A4 The Other Shoe: Happiness Always Comes With A Price 4:57
A5 Turn The Season: Love's Fuse Ignites A Consuming Fire 4:02

Act Two: David Loses Veronica And Then Himself, As He Succumbs To Guilt And Despair
B1 Running On Nothing: Another Loss Leads David To Depression 4:46
B2 Remember My Name: David Condemns Love In His Lonely Solace 5:09
B3 A Slanted Tone: Vivian Brings A New Perspective To The Fore 3:40
B4 Serve Me Right: David Turns His Back On Love As His Culpability Is Outlined 3:49

Act Three: Another Character Is Revealed, Putting The Responsibility For Veronica's Death Into Question
C1 Truth I Know: Octavio, The Narrator, Is Revealed As A Participant In The Events Of The Play 4:34
C2 Life In Paper: David Questions Octavio's Motives And His Role In The Plot 4:39
C3 Ship Of Fools: The Personified David And Octavio Spar In Side Story 4:02
C4 A Little Death: Defeated, And Resigned To His Fate, David Rationalizes His Loss, Thinking Himself Better Off Without Love 4:36

Act Four: A Revelation From Vivian Sheds More Light On Veronica's Death; Octavio And Vivian Explain Their Motives, And David Is Reborn
D1 I Was There: Vivian Reveals She Was Present At The Scene Of The Crime 3:19
D2 Inside A Frame: Octavio Reveals His True Role 4:18
D3 The Recursive Girl: Vivian Considers The Cycle Of Life And Explains Her History With David 3:34
D4 One More Night: David Shares His Last Words With Veronica 5:36
D5 Lights Go Up: David Comes To Life, With Love In His Heart 5:31 

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