Gustavo Santaolalla, David Fleming - The Last Of Us: Season 1 (Soundtrack From The Series)


Format: 2LP "Green and Clear" Colored
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2LP "Green and Clear" Colored
Release Date:
Label: Milan



A1 The Last Of Us
A2 Get Out
A3 All Gone
A4 The Quarantine Zone
A5 Don’t Look
A6 Forsaken
A7 Breaching The Wall
A8 Hope
A9 Haven
A10 Resolve
B1 The Swarm
B2 Long Long Time
B3 It Can't Last (Sunset)
B4 Raiders
B5 Longing
B6 All Gone (Affliction)
B7 Vanishing Grace
B8 All Gone (Purpose)
B9 All Gone (Isolation)
B10 Warning Signs
B11 Salvation
B12 Subterranean
B13 The Last Of Us (Prevail)
B14 Bravery
C1 Survive
C2 A Great Man
C3 All Gone (Flashbacks)
C4 Never Let Me Down Again
C5 Left Behind (Together)
C6 Fleeting
C7 Vanishing Grace (Devotion)
C8 Never Let Me Down Again
C9 The Choice
C10 Left Behind
D1 All Gone (Embrace)
D2 Complications
D3 Collateral
D4 Resolve (Isolation)
D5 Unbroken
D6 All Gone (Elegy)
D7 Wounds
D8 The Last Of Us (Vengeance)
D9 All Gone (In Vain)
D10 All Gone (Ephemeral)
D11 The Path
D12 All Or None 

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