Format: 3LP "Yellow, Blue, Red & Black, Galaxy-effect" Colored Limited Edition
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3LP "Yellow, Blue, Red & Black, Galaxy-effect" Colored Limited Edition
Release Date:
Label: Laced Records



A1 Darktide Main Theme
A2 The Uprising On Hive Tertium
A3 Prison Break
A4 Onboard The Tancred Bastion
A5 Escaping The Prison Ship
A6 The Imperium Unites
A7 Immortal Imperium
A8 Dropship To Hive Tertium
B1 Entering The Hive City
B2 The Transit Horde
B3 Imperium Of Man
B4 The Mourningstar
B5 Disposal Unit (Imperium Mix)
B6 Late Night Entertainment
B7 Nightsider
B8 City Of Tertium
B9 Broadcast Apparatus
C1 Apparatus Receiving
C2 Data Interference
C3 Forge Manufactorum
C4 Atoma Prime
C5 Entering Throneside
C6 Waiting To Strike
C7 Path Of Trust
D1 Unrest In Throneside
D2 Transmission Commences
D3 Offworld Auspex
D4 Hive City Lowest Level
D5 The Torrent Fights Back
D6 Warp Traveller
D7 Debriefing
E1 Escape Initiated
E2 Imperial Advance
E3 Hab Block Bonanza
E4 The Will Of The Imperium
E5 Write Transmit
E6 Sublevel Data Interrogation
E7 Reality Slipping
E8 Heart Of Heresy
E9 Embrace Of The Chaos Cult
F1 Forge Chaos Detected
F2 Last Man Standing
F3 The Emperor Of Mankind
F4 Admonition
F5 The Imperium Unites Part 2 (Bonus Track)
F6 Disposal Unit (Original Mix)
F7 Reality Slipping (Imperium Mix)
F8 Transmission Commences (Late Night Mix) 

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