Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
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Label: NTOV



A1 The Lord's Prayer 2:31
A2 I Can't Find Them 4:09
A3 The Search Party 2:54
A4 Surveillance Video 3:34
B1 The Candlelight Vigil 5:10
B2 Escape 5:44
B3 The Tall Man 2:47
B4 The Everyday Bible 2:23
C1 Following Keller 2:11
C2 Through Falling Snow 2:44
C3 The Keeper 2:49
C4 The Intruder 3:11
D1 The Priest's Basement 2:48
D2 The Snakes 2:51
D3 The Trans Am 2:37
D4 Prisoners 6:59 

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