Marvin Tate's D-Settlement - Marvin Tate's D-Settlement

Genre: BOOGIE / FUNK / SOUL / R&B / DISCO ‎ 

Format: 4LP Deluxe Edition
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4LP Deluxe Edition
Release Date:
Label: American Dreams Records



Partly Cloudy
A1 Turn Da Fuckin' Lights Back On
A2 All Pro
A3 Charlie Of Washington Square
A4 When A Black Poet Reads Poetry To A 98% White Audience
A5 Who Sold Soul?
B6 Color Blind Society
B7 Mr. Junkie Maker
B8 Insomnia In NYC
B9 Marching In The Mist
The Minstrel Show
C1 Planet D-Settlement
C2 N-Word (Part 1)
C3 Don't Send Him Away
C4 The Ballad Of Corey Dykes
C5 Dinner Date
C6 Have You Ever Seen?
D7 Merry-Go-Round
D8 Black Girl (Live At The HotHouse)
D9 Yesterday
D10 Governmental Wolf
D11 N-Word (Part 2)
American Icons
E1 Jury Duty
E2 Trouble A Come
E3 Mama's Got A New Boyfriend
F4 Gerald
F5 The Number Man
F6 Mr. Sullivan
G7 Bronzeville
G8 Intro (Brown Eyes)
G9 Brown Eyes (Miss D)
H10 Hangman
H11 Jury Duty (The Verdict)
H12 A Great Day (In The Neighborhood) 

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