Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
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Label: Warp Records



A1 Mark Of Resistance
A2 There Is Always A Girl With A Secret
A3 Silence Is Silver
A4 Bower Of Bliss
B1 Wooddrifts
B2 Nkosezane - For My Daddy
B3 Like Jenga (Only It Reaches All The Way To The Sky And It's Made Of Knives)
B4 Doggerland (Between The Acts)
C1 Fundamental Things
C2 Fractions Fractured Factions
C3 I'm In Love With The End
C4 Surrender
C5 GARGLE (Command V)
D1 Dishang Shuang (Edit)
D2 Transport Me
D3 An Infinite Thrum (Archipelago)
D4 The Abandoned Colony Collapsed My World  

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