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1LP Edition
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Label: Be With Records



A1 Speed Unlimited (a) 2:00
A2 Speed Unlimited (b) 0:45
A3 Speed Unlimited (c) 0:41
A4 Hurricane Wheels (a) 2:15
A5 Hurricane Wheels (b) 0:51
A6 Hurricane Wheels (c) 1:43
A7 Hurricane Wheels (d) 0:45
A8 Hurricane Wheels (e) 1:42
A9 Hurricane Wheels (f) 0:45
A10 Hurricane Wheels (g) 1:42
A11 Route Africaine (a) 1:14
A12 Route Africaine (b) 1:14
A13 Route Africaine (c) 1:14
B1 Kabul Trip (a) 1:58
B2 Kabul Trip (b) 1:58
B3 Kabul Trip (c) 0:47
B4 Kabul Trip (d) 1:16
B5 Water Pollution (a) 1:47
B6 Water Pollution (b) 1:02
B7 Water Pollution (c) 0:29
B8 Centurian (a) 1:47
B9 Centurian (b) 1:33
B10 Centurian (c) 1:09
B11 Gladiators 1:54
B12 News Background (a) 2:31
B13 News Background (b) 1:39 

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