Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Modular Recordings



A1 The Leaves Were Falling 0:15
A2 Because I'm Me 4:13
A3 Frankie Sinatra 3:44
A4 Subways 3:11
A5 Going Home 2:07
A6 If I Was A Folkstar 4:33
B1 Colours 3:32
B2 Zap! 1:59
B3 The Noisy Eater 3:15
B4 Wildflower 1:15
B5 Harmony 3:49
B6 Live A Lifetime Love 2:31
C1 Park Music 0:54
C2 Livin' Underwater (Is Something Wild) 1:56
C3 The Wozard Of Iz 3:00
C4 Over The Turnstiles 0:42
C5 Sunshine 3:37
D1 Light Up 1:35
D2 Kaleidoscopic Lovers 3:55
D3 Stepkids 4:33
D4 Saturday Night Inside Out 5:01 

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