The Beach Boys - Feel Flows (The Sunflower & Surf's Up Sessions • 1969 - 1971)


Format: 2LP Edition
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2LP Edition
Release Date:
Label: Capitol Records



Sunflower - Original Album
A1 Slip On Through 2:19
A2 This Whole World 1:58
A3 Add Some Music To Your Day 3:36
A4 Got To Know The Woman 2:43
A5 Deirdre 3:29
A6 It's About Time 2:58
Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)
A7 Cotton Fields (2020 Stereo Mix) 3:16
A8 San Miguel (Backing Vocals) 0:35
A9 It's About Time (Backing Vocals) 0:50

Sunflower - Original Album
B1 Tears In The Morning 4:11
B2 All I Wanna Do 2:36
B3 Forever 2:42
B4 Our Sweet Love 2:41
B5 At My Window 2:32
B6 Cool, Cool Water 5:04
Bonus Track (Previously Unreleased)
B7 Thise Whole World (Live 1988) 2:01

Surf's Up - Original Album 2:41
C2 Long Promised Road 3:32
C3 Take A Load Off Your Feet 2:32
C4 Disney Girls 4:11
C5 Student Demonstration Time 3:59
Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)
C6 Disney Girls (Live) 4:19
C7 Feel Flows (Backing Vocals) 0:33

Surf's Up - Original Album
D1 Feel Flows 4:49
D2 Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song) 1:57
D3 A Day In The Life Of A Tree 3:10
D4 'Til I Die 2:44
D5 Surf's Up 4:11
Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased)
D6 A Day In The Life Of A Tree (Track- & Backing Vocals) 2:54
D7 'Til I Die (A Capella) 2:11 

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