Format: 2LP Deluxe Edition
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2LP Deluxe Edition
Release Date:
Label: Palto Flats



A1 Hopi 2:49
A2 Taizee 2:07
A3 Make Me Tea 3:39
A4 A Little Long Way 3:03
A5 The Frog's Fandango 2:54
B1 When You Find Your Love 4:08
B2 A Complex Art 1:33
B3 Trisha's Return 3:07
B4 Into The Heart Of Love 2:58
B5 Love On Other Planets 2:02
B6 Don't Delay 4:02
C1 Woo Woo 1:14
C2 The Subtle Shadow 4:04
C3 Sarah 2:22
C4 Are You Falling 2:43
C5 It's Love 3:05
C6 Mountains 2:41
C7 Gentle Actions 3:06
D1 The Return Journey 3:12
D2 The Heart Of Love / Lullabye 1:58
D3 The Heart Sleeps 5:02
D4 Spaces We Breathe 2:28
D5 It's Love (Vocal) 4:53 

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