[18th-March] The fin. “There” Album Release Tour live in Hong Kong [Online Ticketing is available now]

The Fin.將於3月18日第三次來香港演出,原來今次包括了很多的「新」。

今時的The Fin.,並不是往日的The Fin.。先是「新」陣容,由原來四人變成三缺一,主音歌手兼鍵琴手Yuto Uchino、結他手Ryosuke Odagaki和鼓手Kaoru Nakazawa仍然在陣,不過後者轉換位置,變成玩奏低音結他,至於原有低音結他手TakayasuTaguchi卻因個人理由離隊;另一變動是「新」基地,The Fin.由日本神戶移居到英國倫敦發展,離開成長家鄉看似是重大轉變,但倫敦對樂隊來說並不太陌生,早期MV《Faded Light》正正是在當地取景。

「新」陣容「新」基地下製作的「新」專集《There》,請來「新」監製Bradley Spence製作,這位英國製作人,曾是大師Trevor Horn助手,又跟Coldplay、Doves、New Order、Radiohead、Belle & Sebasitan等不同英式風格代表合作,在他操刀處理下,The Fin.變得比從前更具城市感,優美調子仍然是他們的拿手好戲,而編曲也顯得細緻精巧,卻不會流於堆砌造作,在英國錄製一張英式味道濃厚的唱片,集夢幻、浪漫、淒美的動人音符,邁向成熟又不失自我的進化,碟內新單曲《Outskirts》是繼《Night Time》和《Throught The Deep》後,另一首扣人心弦的The Fin.作品。

2015年7月The Fin.首次來港於蒲吧舉行《The Fin. Asia Tour》,意外地全場爆滿;翌年6月樂隊舊地重臨的《The Fin. “Through The Deep” Release Asia Tour》,場內歡呼聲響遍籃球場,今次為「新」專集舉行的亞洲巡迴《The Fin. “There” Album Release Tour》的香港站,不再是蒲吧,移師到「新」演出場地——油麻地逸東酒店的Eaton Workshop。眾多「新」元素下,這一晚定能為樂迷帶來「新」的感受。

Date: March 18th (Sunday)
Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30
Venue : 2/F @ Eaton Workshop
380 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

Ticket Price: HKD$320 (ADV)* / HKD$330 (ONLINE)** / HKD$380 (WALK-IN)
* 預售門票將於今個星期四係 White Noise Records 獨家公開發售。
* Advance ticket will be available for sales exclusively at White Noise Records on this Thursday (25th-Jan)

** 網上門票現以於 White Noise Records 網站獨家發售
** online ticketing is available exclusively through White Noise Records
** Plus $10.00 HKD service fee

Ticket Outlet:
White Noise Records (Enquiry: 2591 0499)
1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon (Mongkok Station A2 EXIT)

Total Information / 節目查詢: 9309 3659 (Gary)
email: whitenoiserecordshk@gmail.com
White Noise Records: www.whitenoiserecords.org l www.facebook.com/WhiteNoiseRec
Presenter: White Noise
Venue & Hotel support: Eaton Workshop
Backline Equipment: Backlinestore
Acknowledgement: Eaton Workshop, Hip Land Music
The fin. (Japan)
The fin., rock band born in Kobe (Japan), is releasing their new album after more than 3 years ! First release since they chose London as a base, the album has benefited from the location, being produced there at Dean Street Studio by Bradley Spence, well known for his works as producer for Jamiroquai, Passenger or Alt-J and for his mixing for Radiohead.

The mastering has been once again handled by Joe Lambert, who has worked with big names such as Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Washed Out or Warpaint.

Among the 13 tracks of the album figure “Pale Blue”, “Afterglow” and “Outskirts”, 3 songs whose earlier release on streaming platforms have quickly drawn attention all over the world and led them to get selected on some of the hottest playlists picking up new tracks, such as UK’s and France’s Spotify’s “New Music Friday”. The album includes also re-mixed and re-arranged versions of “Through The Deep” and “Heat”, 2 songs that were featured on a EP released in March 2016.