[20th May] dadamachines workshop at white noise records -Free Entry-

White Noise X dadamachines 聲音工作坊:製造自己的聲音》

White Noise今次請來dadamachines合作舉行工作坊,為的是讓大家親手製造聲音。

dadamachines是來自德國柏林、慕尼黑的音樂創意科技工作室,主腦Johannes Elias Lohbihler除了是Dada Machines核心人物,他發明了名為the automat toolkit的器材,讓用家可以隨意地借此來製作聲效,牌九、噹噹、搖鼓,甚至是水,全都可以變成樂器來。

是次活動,Johannes除了解構the automat toolkit設計理念和背後故事外,電子音樂人Heimer更會一同利用the automat toolkit作現場演出。歡迎音樂人與非音樂人親臨參與,一起玩奏,一起動手製作完全屬於個人的獨特聲音。

What is dadamachines?
dadamachines is a Berlin-based studio launching the automat toolkit, a MIDI-controlled music toolkit that allows anyone, regardless of music skill level,
to turn the real world into their instrument. The core of the toolkit is the automat, an arduino-compatible plug-and-play MIDI-controller with 12 DC outputs. The automat can be used with your favorite music software or hardware. The toolkit includes the automat and a series of solenoid beaters that plug in to 12 outputs allowing you to tap, ping and knock on anything.

Who is behind dadamachines?
dadamachines is the project of Berlin-based Creative Technologist and DJ – Johannes Lohbihler. Johannes grew up in Bavaria, hailing from a line of seven generations of carpenters. Growing up among the Weilheim music scene that included acts such as the Notwist, Lali Puna and Acid Pauli – Johannes was interested in music from early on. He started DJing and found inspiration to bring together electronic music production and analog tools – combining his background as a craftsman and passion for music. During his masters studies in interaction design, Johannes began developing a simple plug-and-play kit that made music machines accessible to everyone – that project became dadamachines.

Heimer is a Berlin based electronic musician, producer and visual artist. With equal footing in hip-hop, electronic and pop, his work bridges countless genres like grime[1], skweee[2], bass[3], footwork[4], jazz & soul. Sounds collide and blend into a distinctive kaleidoscope, striking a balance between joyful, intricate compositions and bold, colorful melodies. Born and grown in East Berlin, Heimer taught himself how to fix, customize and create home-made and found musical equipment, and in doing so, discovered his passion and fascination for electronic music and sonic exploration. Heimer released music and collaborations on !K7, Karaoke Kalk and recently debut his full-length solo LP “Teilzeit Swag”, alongside a 4-track EP “Beverly the Hill” on Tomlab.

Date: May 20th (Saturday)
Time: 4:00pm~6:00pm
VENUE : White Noise Records
White Noise Records (1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon)

Advance seat reservation: please email us the name, cell phone number to whitenoiserecordshk@gmail.com

Total Information / 節目查詢: 9309 3659 (Gary)
email: whitenoiserecordshk@gmail.com
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