Format: 4LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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4LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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Label: Numero Group



Challenge For A Civilized Society
A1 Data 3:33
A2 Laugh Track 3:13
A3 Meet The Plastics 3:12
A4 The World Is Flat 4:34
A5 Sonata Four Loudspeakers 5:20
B1 No Tech! 1:42
B2 Side Effects Of Being Tired 9:00
B3 Lifetime Achievement Award 5:09
B4 What Went Wrong 8:34
Leaves Turn Inside You
C1 We Invent You 4:06
C2 Look A Ghost 3:04
C3 December 4:03
C4 Treachery 4:17
D1 Terminus 9:40
D2 Demons Sing Love Songs 4:03
D3 Off This Century 5:30
E1 One Lick Less 5:36
E2 Scarlette 4:44
E3 October All Over 4:59
E4 Summer Freeze 5:36
F1 Radio Gra 5:56
F2 Below The Salt 10:39
F3 Who Cares 2:25
G1 Mile Me Deaf 2:25
G2 The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train 10:18
G3 Solo Sonata 3:42
G4 XLNT (Untitled) 2:05
H1 Laszlo 4:58
H2 Torch Song 3:58
H3 Meet The Plastics (Demo) 2:55
H4 The World Is Flat (Demo) 4:15
H5 Empire (Demo) 3:44
Peel Sessions
I1 Hexenszene 5:16
I2 Side Effects Of Being Tired 6:40
J1 Kantina / Were, Are And Was Or Is 10:00 

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Unwound ‎– Challenge For A Civilized Society

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