Format: 3LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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3LP Limited Edition, Boxset
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Label: Numero Group



A1 Bionic 2:47
A2 LD-50 3:05
A3 Lying At Best 3:24
A4 Stumbling Block 1:59
A5 Whilst You're A Head 3:24
A6 Rubber Band Heart 3:32
A7 Crab Nebula 3:50
B1 Caterpillar 1:57
B2 Miserific Condition 1:56
B3 Love And Fear 7:12
B4 You Speak Jealousy 3:11
C1 Antifreeze 1:50
C2 Rising Blood 3:01
C3 Understand & Forget 2:10
C4 Fingertips 2:40
C5 You Bite My Tongue 2:04
C6 Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere Again 3:32
D1 Warmth 2:10
D2 Prospect 2:28
D3 Kid Is Gone (Chant Of Vengeance) 2:10
D4 Kandy Korn Rituals 2:26
D5 Against 2:53
D6 I'd Die To Know You 1:43
D7 Sugarfit 2:07
Chant Of Vengeance
E1 Understand & Forget (KAOS Session) 2:13
E2 Miserific Condition (KAOS Session) 1:51
E3 Against (KAOS Session) 1:59
E4 Ape Skins (KAOS Session) 3:37
E5 Awkward (KAOS Session) 8:15
F1 Antifreeze (Live) 2:32
F2 Rising Blood (Live) 3:19
F3 Prospect (Live) 4:05
F4 Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere Again (Live) 2:41
F5 Hating In D (Live) 7:17 

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